Medical update on injured Costa Rican and Chilean riders at WEG

Costa Rican rider Claudia Romero Chacon, who was injured in a fall on Thursday, August 28, during the Endurance competition in Normandy, underwent surgery for fractures and internal injuries on the day of the accident. She is recovering in hospital and it is expected that she will be discharged within a week. She and her husband, Juan Diego, thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


Chilean rider Tomas Couve Correa, who had a fall in the second round of the team Jumping competition on Wednesday, September 3 in the D’Ornano Stadium, was kept in hospital overnight and discharged the following morning.

Did you know ?

The highest dressage scores ever seen at a WEG were awarded at the 2010 WEG, most notably to triple gold winner Edward Gal (NED) and Moorlands Totilas, who earned 91.800 in the freestyle.