Reining Day 1

1. Custom Cash Advance, Andrea Fappani (USA) 224.0

2. Nic Ricochet, Ann Poels (BEL) 222.5

3. HF Mobster, Jordan Larson (USA) 221.0

4. Wimpys Cute Tune, Martin Larcombe (AUS) 218.5

4. Steppin Off Sparks, Gilson Vieira Diniz Filho (BRA) 218.5

4. Ruf Tuf Juice, Grischa Ludwig (GER) 218.5

7. Smokin Mifillena, Volker Schmitt (GER) 218.0

8. Sparkin Tinsel, Shaun Saunders (AUS) 217.0

9. RS Spat Mano War, Piet Mestdagh (BEL) 216.5

10. Spook A Little, Josh Collins (GBR) 216.0



11. Ju Juzz Gunslinger, Josiane Gauthier (CAN) 214.5

13. A Smokin Whiz, Lisa Coulter (CAN) 214.0  

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Did you know ?

At Stockholm in 1990, the French show jumping team won both team (Eric Navet, Hubert Bourdy, Roger-Yves Bost, Pierre Durand) and individual honours (Eric Navet).